Wolf .22 Ammo


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No but I have heard LOTS of good things about it. ME is a little more consistent than MT.

I have had great results with Winchester subsonic truncated cone hp's out of my CZ 452. I was consistently hitting my buddy's 7 mag bullet holes at 100 yds with them.


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Yep my Kimber 82g, Ruger 10/22 and Hammerli Trailside all love the Match Target flavor. Great ammo, although the snot Wolf coats it in takes a little getting used to the feel of.


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I have some of the Wolf Rifle match ammo that is excellent. It is not a clean as some of the different 22 ammo but it is very accurate. I like it and it is not that expensive.


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I tried it in one of my 10/22s but the chamber was too tight and it didn't extract very well. I don't remember which specific variety it was.

I had some recently to try in my 77/22 and it was pretty good, but I couldn't get it to shoot as well as the CCI std velocity shoots at 100 yds.

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