wtf with cost 22lR

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I get supply and demand but I've been saving all my 22ammo. I'm trading some for a new Glock 33rd mag. But people are asking whay to much for ammo. I will pick some up but it's a decent 7or8 cents a round. I know by first hand fact stores hide it and they say they don't have it in order to raise price at a higher price.... I'm down on 22s but I remember when you could walk in buy a brick for less than $8.00.. oh well thanks for listening to my b.s. Have a good one guys, Concealed 27



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Yep, same around here. The local GM stocks ammo on Thursdays, and often by the time I get off work they have a big sign out front "22 Ammo sold out."

The guy at my favorite gunshop says they can't get any because the large box stores (Gander, Cabela's, Dick's, etc) have all the whoesalers tied up for themselves.

2+ years into this crap is getting ridiculous. And nobody seems to have a good reason for it.


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Oh there a good reason for it but they would have to kill us if we knew. Millions of guns here and the most popular is the 22. Easiest to shot ,store and have as survival tool. Stockpiling still going on. EPA is making it harder for loaders to get powder also I think and lead. Maybe we could make a group by? Put the brains to work.


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You could be onto something. What better way to make the most popular caliber useless than to limit the amount of ammo available for that caliber.

Is it a conspiracy? Ehhh......I don't know.

But you'd think after all this time that the ammo makers would have ramped up their .22 lines and be pumping the stuff back out so that there wouldn't be any shortage. I find it hard to believe that the general population is buying it up faster than 5 to 10 manufacturers are putting it out. But it's going somewhere.


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We have the best armed society in the world. The government should respect us a little better instead of trying to out gun the populace.

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