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    New rules

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    build my ar

    here in california, every gun needs to be registered. the one loophole is that i can build 5 guns a year and these guns do not require a serial number or any registration at all. so instead of buying one, i would rather build one. i figure i want everything to be .223. other than that, im open...
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    build my ar

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    build my ar

    ok guys, i know nothing about ar builds. my nephews are big into it and make their own complete lowers from scratch. they however live 3 hours away and are always busy. and they also spend more than i would want on their builds. so i bought a pink lower from the group buy to build for my...
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    Firearm Personality

    hey now..... i happen to have a remington 700 in a .270. but im asian, how can i be a hick??? well..... i did spend a few years in wyoming.....
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    New rules

    damn coffee drinkers..... i cant stand that stuff
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    weres all of our members?

    sorry. raptor forum business has been taking all of my spare time.
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    looking for a distance scope

    check out bushnell. i have all bushnell scopes. the banner series are the ones i have on 6 of my .22 rifles. i run the elite 6500 on my .270 and .338 lapua. but eventhe cheaper banner series have great clarity.
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    Ebola spreading in Texas

    you actually had faith? there are going to be a lot of sick people. im hoping some government official gets it and spreads it throughout the white house. mother nature needs to take out the garbage
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    New AR-15 80% lower jig

    interesting. my nephews build their own lowers from scratch. might be worth comparing them.
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    instead of selling your house, how bout you give it to me?
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    New from the Netherlands

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    I want to build an AR...

    im in the same boat as the op. my brother in law helped me build my lower. i have no idea what to do with it.