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Guys, please check with me before buying. Distributors are getting more and more guns in stock every day. There is no need to pay inflated prices!

I currently have access to: DPMS, AAC, Daniel Defense(5.56 and 300BLK), Core15, Diamondback(5.56 and 300BLK), Ruger(SR-556), Bushmaster and Mossberg ARs. I can have them ordered, and shipped to your local FFL within a week. That list is longer than it was last week, and it'll be longer next week.

This isn't just for ARs, but they seem to be where the price gauging is still going on.

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Will do.
I think its important to advertise our vendors to our friends.
I am guilty of it myself and have picked up a Revolver as of late.

Next time I am looking I will drop you a PM for sure :)

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