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Does anyone have an armor carrier from AR500? I found the site whilst poking around the forum and was wondering how they fit the full sized male. I have a cheapy carrier I got from and it works well with my soft armor, but I think my wife washed it 'cause it shrunk.

Does AR500 ship to non-LEO? I know some companies will not. I was hoping to upgrade my armor too as it's only Level II. I'll give that to the Mother In Law when the shit hits the fan.

Any feedback would be great.



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Not the perfect answer you are looking for since i have not used AR500 but it seems they do ship to non LEO.

Some thoughts on levels. it depends on your application.
are you looking at using it for day to day wear or SHTF?

Some thoughts:

Keep in mind that anything less than full level III (to include IIIA) will ONLY stop handgun bullets.
And level III is only good against some rifle rounds not most...

in a peaceful society like now with rule of law and social sanction to not running around openly armed, handguns will be the primary threat and Level II , IIA and IIIA vests may have a lot of utility..

But in a WROL/SHTF situation when the social sanction to being openly armed is no longer dominant and there is conflict. one must deduce that the majority of threats will be from longguns and so any armor below level III will be essentially useless.

For this reason the philosophy of use in a SHTF/WROL/TETOWAWKI situation that makes sense should be to with either go with no armor at all to preserve your agility, OR to wear Level IV plates.
Anything in between will still lessen agility while giving me no benefit against the primary threat.

level IV plates is something I might then wear, but primarily when I am a) vehicle borne or b) in a static defense situation or c) when contact is expected to be imminent. In those cases the loss of agility would either not matter much as in a) and b) or the protection would offset the burden as in c)

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OH Shooter, please, change that avatar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watching Fox News, just now, while I was reading this.
They are telling about a Toronto Armorer that is making three piece suits, as in dress suit, of armor.
I cant hear too well so I did`nt catch what class it would be, but it looked cool as all getout.


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$2o,ooo for the jacket, little pricey for a leisure suit. Our senior politicks have been wearing them for years and we paid for them.


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Yes, I do.

This is the new plate with the anti-spall coating in front of the carrier,

This is a bad picture, (I hadn't really adjusted it right yet), with the Urban Go setup they sell, also, I was not square to the camera. My bad, need to re do that sometime.

Adjusted correctly, they do a decent job, worth the money. It is much heavier than soft armor, but it will stop a .308 handily.

I also bought a concealable carrier from Blackhawk for the plates, and wore that to the range as an experiment, easy to use. The Shooters Cut in the plate really does make a difference.
Hope that's what you were looking for.

Edit to add, yes I know the "chicken wing" is sticking out - I'm an ex-Squid, not a gravel agitator. :D
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Yeap along with the billions we've spent in Afghanistan and Irag in covert operations. I have been looking at pro Max concealable vests.. they range from 450-600 bucks, these are the concealable vests. During a revolution or war in the streets I would prefer a moole vest although they are much more expensive. Some companies sell to civilians but like firearms you can't have a felony on your record and some reguire background checks done, no I'm not a felon is not gonna work. I will also be looking at refurshed/tested vests for when I'm able to afford it.......
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Sorry for the delay in reply. I'm in front of my computer all week for work, so come the weekend I avoid it as much as possible, unless of course I need a fix of naked ladies.

And I'm glad I can gross y'all out a bit. I do love my freaky avatars!

So my intention for this is more for range use and helping out the bad guys whilst watching the movie HEAT. I'll be taking a NRA RSO course this weekend so I can help my buddy who teaches NRA Personal Protection Outside of the Home (PPOH) which is an approved course for IL CCW that was recently passed.

I guess I have this armor which is kinda useless and it's one of those things I wanted to address at some point. I came across the AR500 site through the forum and they have pretty decent prices so it spurred my interest.

Thanks to you all for responding and thanks to armoredman for the pics.

Be safe. Shoot safe. And share your sport.

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