Army Ranger imposter busted

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Ranger faker found guilty on firearms charges:

A Minnesota man photographed wearing the uniform of a Ranger-tabbed command sergeant major at a charity motorcycle ride honoring fallen service members will serve five years in prison for firearms offenses, which came to light as officials investigated stolen valor accusations.

A Kandiyohi County judge found Richard Arthur Rahn, 54, guilty Tuesday of two counts of possessing firearms after being convicted of a previous violent felony. The verdict, first reported by the Forum News Service, came about two months after Rahn pleaded guilty to the charges, amending his original not guilty plea from October. Additional charges involving hunting violations and obstruction of the legal process were dismissed.

Rahn attended multiple events in uniform in and around the town of Olivia, about two hours west of Minneapolis, according to residents interviewed by Army Times last year. His appearance and mannerisms — an improper ribbon rack, a badge that would've required him to have served in the Korean War, an ever-present toothpick and an inability to answer basic military-related questions — raised red flags among some of those veterans, which eventually led to the involvement of law enforcement.

This military faker tricked a town and a Gold Star family also involved in his schemes. For Rahn wasn't an active-duty soldier, as he'd claimed when talking with residents: The This Ain't Hell blog found he'd been discharged as a private in 1982. Police discovered his prior convictions in Florida and Washington, and had tips that he possessed weapons. They arrested him Sept. 9 after finding one in his residence, then found two more firearms and an Army dress uniforms in a storage locker the next day.

I say let the real Rangers take care of him...:boxed:



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I find it very sad that people have to resort to things like this. Their life isn't fulfilling enough on it's own that they have to take on an alternate persona to get the attention they so desperately need.


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I have a ranger buddy that I work with and his brother is a Navy Seal . . . I think that if I showed him this post he would probably go forth and kick some ass. The only reason my friend is not still in the Rangers is because of a severe medical condition, but he was showing me a few tips for defense in a house, and thin as he is he has still got a surprising amount of power in his hands. I would NOT want to get on his bad side I would never see the end coming.

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