Drive by gone wrong : ))


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That's a driveby gone RIGHT !!!

I always encourage friends and family who are new to shooting practice often. Don't worry about hitting the black dot, what's more important than the black dot is tactical training. Double Taps, 2 chest 1 head, mag swaps, jamb clears etc. Concentrate on stance, trigger control, grip type, one handed shooting as if you're using one hand to cover a bleeding wound on yourself, and even shot with your off hand incase your shooting hand or arm becomes injured. You practice all that shit, the black dot will just happen but in a fire fight of this type, the black dot doesn't make a damn. Center mass and head shots is what matters. Thugs and gang bangers don't practice this shit so if you do, you've got a much better chance of surviving and eliminating the threat.

I also tell them if you're shooting to hit a black dot, then you can throw that $500-$600 handgun away or spend a fortune getting it match ready or go spend $1200-$1500 on a match grade gun and sign up for matches.

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