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For those who carry, how do you carry and what has your experience been?

Currently, my preferred carry is a full size pistol at 3:00-3:30 in an IWB hybrid holster.(crossbreed style) Having 2 clips, 1 at each end allows it to be very secure and adjustable for cant. I prefer this position with a decent amount of forward cant. Obviously, the position makes for a very fast draw and the forward cant hides the pistol a little better but primarily, it allows you to draw while seated.

On occasion, particularly if a pair of jeans doesn't quite have room for a full size pistol, I will switch to about 5:30 right above my wallet. The benefits are more room at this position as well as the pistol concealing extremely well with no printing at all while standing. The downside comes when you bend over or sit down, especially if your shirt is a little on the short side as your shirt rides up and the pistol angles away from your body.

The other option I utilize often, especially at work where bending and reaching could easily expose anything carried on the waist is pocket carry. With the right holster, it just looks like a wallet in your pocket if anyone actually paid attention. The benefit is that no matter what you do, it won't be exposed. One downside is being limited to a small gun although the options have improved greatly over the years. Another is a much slower draw, especially if you are seated. One more benefit is that in a questionable situation you can have a grip on your gun and be ready should things go south without ever displaying a firearm if it isn't needed.


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I carry appendix. Slim pistol and it has a manual safety. I have carried a Glock 30 and an XD in the same fashion. I have not carried full size. Too bulky and uncomfortable. My holster is a leather single clip. Easy to put on or take off when needed. I carry crossdraw style.

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