Obama Falsely Claims No Terrorist Attacks In America In The Past 8 Years


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Obama praises Obama's policies for 'breaking the back' of terrorism

President Obama is saying this week how his policies are beating the terrorists.

This certainly isn't the first time he has said this. In 2012, before the election, Obama repeatedly said the terrorist groups were decimated and on the run. (Of course, most of the media went along.)

The obvious reason why the narcissist Obama is out there repeating the same garbage he said four years ago is because Trump is taking too much attention away from him.

One of Obama's greatest achievements, according to him and the media, is the Iran deal, where he has given them hundreds of billions to continue to fund terrorism around the world and continue to pledge death to America and death to Israel. The world would have been much safer if Obama had let Iran collapse instead of lifting it up.

Terrorism attacks are actually up substantially worldwide since Obama took office.

I am sure that the NYT and Washington Post and the rest of the mainstream media will cover this factually instead of just repeating the Obama talking points. After all, they are so against fake news.

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They can't be terrorist, those misunderstood people are all on his friends and family list and secretly pardoned


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Sounds like some of his past will be opened up for the public to see what kind of father he had, and his criminal friends.

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