Patton's .357

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Watched "Patton" again this morning, and got to looking him up on the computer again.

Nothing new here - just a picture;


Because it's just THAT damn cool...

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That is why the CIA killed him, he would have been president if he lived.

Nope. I don't think he'd of taken the job, if they'd given it to him by acclamation. The west was still TRYING to play kissy-face with the USSR (which they would do, until the Berlin blockade and the development of Russian hydrogen bomb, a few years later); Patton was a definite impediment to THAT, and as he was NOT as strong a proponent of "de-Nazification" as TPTB liked, he had to be "removed."

And so he was.


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After he got done with USSR he would be the MAN. Hard to imagine were we would be if he would have finished..

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