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It has always been a touchstone of american philosophy and jurisprudence that the gov’t shall not enjoy an overwhelming superiority of force over the population.
Therefore to fully avail ourselves of our 2nd Amendment right we should strive to employ sight systems the rough equal of what gov’t force employs.

Nowadays it is possible for anyone with a well paying job to be fully night equipped and trained.

So when I left the Army 9 weeks ago, I got my DBAL from JRH Industries to round out my kit.

DBAL-I2 Infrared and Visible Laser IR Night Vision

BTW JRH is an awesome outfit, responsive, accurate, no tap dancing, will explian differences between different levels ofm kit over the phone etc etc my go to place

Its a very nice looking unit from Steiner Germany.
Comes with a quality quick release thats is supposed to hold zero and it looks up to the job.

very professional appearing piece of gear.

Wanted to wait with the review until I had used it.
Now used it twice during NODF (Night Optical Device Firing) live-fire night classes.

Tactical Training by Max Velocity | Night Firing

For those who are not familiar with these systems, this is what they do:

During day time and dusk you can use a visible laser setting to illuminate your target.
The visible laser point can be zeroed ( even though IR and visible are not “slaved” on this system) .

2 different powers of laser are available: the “light” power works great at dusk and darker the high power will illuminate even at 100 yards in daytime.

(I experimented and at dusk the high power dot can be seen at up to 200 yds way more than is partially needed for the job because night fighting is all short range business anyway.)

The IR laser that is attached (fully zeroable) has 2 powers.
L and H.

it is there so when you wear a NOD (PVS-7 , or PVS 14) you can see the dot of your IR laser for aiming at night.

The IR dot is invisible to the naked eye.

So in other words when it is nighttime and I wear my PVS14 I can spot the IR laser and engage enemy w/o using my sights.
Point the IR laser till it is on target and pull trigger.

Not as easy a sit sounds though and ot properly integrate your kit with your training you need to take a course or own a property in the boonies where you can practice integrating these systems.

Some more bullets:

-The quick release holds zero 100%

-The so called “civilian power” laser is plenty for any realistic engagement distance.
The 3rd setting on military lasers is primarily for illuminating far off targets at night in open terrain. This extra may be somewhat Useful but not a crucial capability for our applications IMO.

– The unit illuminated by aimpoint and with my PVS-14 I could see the laser dot always on my target.

– When employing this during night time live fire on the move I never had a need to push it to the next higher power and ran it on basic power all night on both nights when running and gunning at night targets.

– It comes with a flat switch you can velcro to your VFG for instant on. The velcro backstop/tape for your VFG is included as well.

– The lasers all have different modes , Instant on and stay on. With a little practice it is easy to switch between both just using the flat switch on the velcro.

In summary I am VERY happy with this kit.
It has influenced my PoU to maintain my spare rifle configured as a “Night Fighter”
This means it carries this DBAL and a Weapons light with IR mode. (more on that later in a different review)

Robert from JRH also included a couple extra nice items with this unit, which I dont want to disclose so he doesnt feel the pressure to always include the same extra goodies.

PS: Even though this is a gear review. I need to emphasize that gear means nothing w/o being able to employ it. So preferably get professional training in employing these systems or if for some reason you can’t/won’t get proffesional instruction, practice, practice, practice. This will also teach you the weaknesses of night vision, so if you are ever caught w/o it at night against an OPFOR whom you know or suspect employs it you know how to counteract.
The most common issued NOD the PVS 14 can be counteracted by similar techniques as unaided vision. Camo, stealth, staying behind the bush etc WILL hide you.
Everyone is afraid of FLIR. But even that is not the all seeing eye. Because it has to be cued. ... I have seen people defeat FLIR through fieldcraft.


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Do you have to carry a pocket full of 123 batteries ?

I carry 1 spare to support both my PVS14 and my DBAL but I can run off one battery many nights in a row

123's are a rare batteries but duirng SHTF they will be less popular to loot so smashed up and looted walmarts and CVS's etc will have them lieing on the floor.
Plus they make rechargeable ones and you cna recharge via solar power in a grid down situation :)
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