Ruger 10/22 takedown


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Dang. I'm looking for one that comes with the pistol grip from the factory and no buttstock.


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I don't. Maybe they don't. I read an article a long time ago about them being available. I've never seen one but I've only been looking a few months. Hard thing is when you're buying from an individual it's hard to know for sure if it had a buttstock when bought new or not.

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Pictures of new Taketawn

well I finally got to the camera and found a little time so heres som pics for ya.....I love this little gun, cant wait to shoot it.. Concealed 27


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Just in general. I prefer the stainless one but don't like the synthetic stock. Depending on what he wants/needs it for the wood stock with the blued receiver and barrel would be the cheapest. You can dump a ton of money into any of them before you know it :signs6:

I like the fact that it breaks down for BU reasons, I also like the synthetic stock and its some thing that I can start teaching my mother how to shoot and handle firearms along with my pistols. I just like it so I bought it......Got 800rds of ammo at a decent price now. Gotta stalk walmart, mine puts theres out at 9am and its first come first serve they start a line then at 9am they bring everything out on a rolling cart....Pretty funny actually....I wish Acacamy was in Florida..Not around...... Concealed 27


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The 10/22 is a decent rifle right out of the box. The only thing I truly hated was the trigger so that had to change. I guess after shooting a friends that had trigger work done spoiled me

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