Taught a half day handgun course to a buddy from work


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Our POI was:

- Couple mags of dot torture 3 shot string (for those unfamiliar w/ the technique its deliberate short range, 4 yard fire trying to get the very smallest group into a square w/ one inch sides.

- Bigger Dots at short range.. Firing 3 shot string left top to right bottom and vice versa on standard paper target w/ 5 "roundels" for aiming.

The go the updrills ..We had set up 6 different paper plates nailed to trees.
Most were at Chest height but 2 at head height and 1 a foot off the ground

- Single shot standing updrills against single targets when partner yells out the target number from 1 thru 6 at random of his choosing.
- Controlled pair updrills at single targets once partner yells out random number 1thru 6
- Single shot updrills when partner yells out 2 random numbers 1 thru 6
- Controlled pairs for same
- 3 targets yelled at random tingle shots
- Finish 3 targets with controlled pairs.

Approx 350 rds total per person.

All Ammo shot was Tula 9mm, steel case
While Tula in 223 is suboptimal to me but for handgunning it seems well reviewed in 9mm and my experience bears that out.

Firearms used, Smith&Wesson M&P 9 and Taurus PT 111 G2 , 50/50
I thought this was a pretty professional program on instruction.

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