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Did Hitlery wear HER cap last night? :favorites37:


I was watching COPS on Spike & WGN. I rather enjoyed seeing her constituents get arrested for 2 straight hours. :rondod:


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Proof that even make up and lip stick don't help a pig look good, that goes for odonnell also.


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Didn't/couldn't watch the debate last night. From what I've heard I didn't miss anything. I heard that Holt took it easy on HRC but went after Trump a time or two and was proven wrong in the end. Holt lost a lot of credibility with a bunch of folks last night. I heard that Trump took it easy or didn't pursue some topics that could have had HRC's head spinning.

IMO, I think he's playing it soft in the first debate. He may be a bit more.....lets say ruthless in the next two debates. But he didn't want to start out looking like he was there to beat her up. Specially with her recent health issues. Again, I didn't watch it. This is just what I picked up from a couple conservative talk shows today.


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A short video I composed. :devilfinger:


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