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    Savage 101 22 single shot pistol
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    A new Rossi for me!

    I picked up one of the Rossi R44102 revolvers they had at Academy Sports for $269!
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    I picked up a cheap set of angled sights

    Here is a short video of them.
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    US Coast Guard

    I am retired from the USCG, I was stationed on Long Island for most of my very short time in the Guard. Any other Coasties here?
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    SWD 22lr Pen Gun AOW
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    Walter P22 with a Gemtech Seahunter
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    Some videos of my Remington 870 SBS
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    Hello from Gard!

    Hello, some of you may know me, I am the crazy guy that shoots a lot of gun videos. My youtube channel: My gun blog: