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    Sig P938 opinions please

    I haven't had any issues but still have a low round count through it. It's a Sig though and I doubt it will have any issues. If you're not familiar with the ergonomics of a 1911 I wouldn't suggest it for a carry gun since you may fumble around with the safety in a high stress situation. Check...
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    Sig P938 opinions please

    I own a p238 and it's a great shooting little gun. My intentions when I bought it was to get used to concealed carry and upgrade later. Then start my wife out with it. My 13 yo nephew shot it with zero issues and he's not a big kid.
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    Merry Christmas Weaponsforum!

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    Long Week

    It's always a good feeling to accomplish a goal you've set for yourself. Congrats
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    Ok game time, What kind of car would you want if?

    I have my dream truck now. Just gotta finish it the way I want it
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    10/22 ruger

    I used swampfox triggers and couldn't be happier. I sent my housing to him to get reworked for about $100. I also had my bolt work done by Que for about the same price. My phone is giving me fits right now or I'd post a link for y'all
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    WeaponsForum Giveaway Round 1 WINNERS

    Congrats everyone and thank you weapons forum
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    Took the nephew and a few guns out today

    Is it poor or a better shot to measure with dimes? :ROFLJest: I'll take my time when we go out next and try to put 10 rounds in a quarter size hole :peace:
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    What gun do you think they should make?

    I watched a few more videos and wasn't impressed. I wonder if they'll make any changes and try to improve it
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    Sig P245

    Very nice score
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    Your odd caliber

    What ammo were you using? Any luck uploading the video yet? 30-30 WINCHESTER 150grain: 2390 fps / 1902 ft lbs energy At 100 yards . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2018 fps / 1356 ft lbs energy MODERN CARTRIDGES OUT OF A 16" BARREL: AT THE MUZZLE 6.5 Grendel 123grain: . . . . . 2480 fps / 1680 ft lbs...
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    help with new gun

    The p238 is a 380 and the p938 is the 9mm. I have the p238 (bought it hoping to get the wife into firearms) and took it out for the first time here recently. It performed really well. My 13 year old nephew had zero issues shooting it and it was his first time firing a semi auto pistol although...
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    hey from central Pa

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    My first tomahawk

    Looks pretty cool. I was eyeing the sog tomahawk a while back. If you don't mind me asking what's the price on this one?
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    Took the nephew and a few guns out today

    Couldn't agree more. They need some work but that wasn't the focus for today. Thanks anyway