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I have no idea on how to customize my trigger o my 10/22 take down.... I know alot of you have a ruger or another 22lr I'm just clueless on how to change a trigger or what to get to m akemy 10/22 have a lighter and crisper pull. I would appreciate a little info or some links on how to do it and what trigger is the best. I love my take down but I really don't like the feel of the stock trigger. Thanks for any help at all, Concealed 27


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Can you get to it to polish it? If not far a lot dry to loosen it up. Brownells may have competition triggers for them.


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IMO the best deal going is the Hornet Custom Black Max. It has a very clean 2 1/2 pound trigger. It also has the automatic bolt lock and release. Everything is already done for you, you just replace the housing. Right now they are $134.95 however if you send in your trigger assembly they will deduct $33.

Hornet Custom BBT-ZTUO-SS-Pins

They also have the Spitfire which is $109.95....

Hornet Custom BBT


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I used swampfox triggers and couldn't be happier. I sent my housing to him to get reworked for about $100. I also had my bolt work done by Que for about the same price. My phone is giving me fits right now or I'd post a link for y'all


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I was out looking for powder on my lunch hour and found a local retailer that had a standard 10/22 for $189 out the door. I wish it was a take down but for the price I had to take it home.


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I prefer you to improve the trigger pull by installing an after-market hammer. This will create a trigger pull of 2 1/2 pounds rather than the stock trigger's 8- to 9-pound pull.

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