Two fantastic deals on AR Mags!


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This might be a time to stock up for those living in States where the enemies of the Republic have made political breakthroughs and have prefiled draconian, no grandfathering, instant felony laws for standard capacity mags, funds for incarceration of the newly created felons also already prefiled.. (looking at you Virginia!)

Magpul Gen3:
Arguably one of the very best Mags out there right now. I used to be a fan of the more expensive Lancers especially since those fit tighter chest rigs better since they are a lot slimmer than the original Pmags ..also loved their Steel lips..
But in my AO it gets COLD and I have seen the steel lips of the lancers develop feeding issues in the cold.
And PMag has slimmed down the base plate in the Gen3s so my primary criticism of the PMag is perhaps no longer valid. Also they always work.
Here is a Black Friday deal on Gen3 Pmags for less than the Gen2s usually still go for!

"Asian Military Contract Steel Mags"
These come on the market every once in a while. These are supposed to be made in Taiwan (big difference to China!Taiwan makes quality stuff)

I ordered 10 a couple years ago. Ran one of them in my training mix.... no issues.... except slightly heavier than the USGI aluminum Mag.
But Noticably Stronger than the USGI mag too. Fits perfect in any rig. No problems on the range (but only ran 1 in my range rotation)

$5!!!!!! Yes you heard right.. a decent and reliable Mag for 5 Bucks!!
It will Never be this affordable again to stash deep and build resilience against supply disruptions.

I will not disclose which one I bought.. I went back and forth in my mind for hours which one to take... I consider both an equally tempting deal

The Gen 3 Pmgas because they are oh so good and priced like a gen2 Mag on sale..
Or the also robust fully serviceable USGI in steel Mag for 5 bucks.. For 5 bucks thats an opportunity to firmly expand you stash for rainy days.

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