This week I made a ballistics table for 69 gr PPU match for my AR.


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This week I made a ballistics table for 69 gr PPU match for my AR.
It has a 20 inch barrel w/o chrome (nitrided).
The scope is a Nikon 223 w/ the Ballistic Drop reticle.
So the rifle is set up as a Designated Marksman Rifle not as a Carbine

But the BD is near worthless I found out when shooting such different Ammo (from the 55gr M193 it is designed for.)
Even tho the Nikon is no highend scope a buddy brought me up to speed on how to dial in elevation based on the hits we see.
Tommorow I will do the same except w/ M193.... I expect this to be closer to my BD reticle.


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Ran Wolf Gold Today as a close approximation of M193.
It appears to shoot a bit flatter (as expected due to its greater speed)

We chrononed the PPU 69 gr match at 2828 ft/sec avg and as Buffman has shown the Wolf Gold goes at approx 3150 out of a 20 inch barrel. (we may yet do our own Wolf Gold Chrono)
Deviations with the PPU were not bad but neither were the Wolf Gold deviations.

Initially had a hard time hitting past 200 yards with the Wolf Gold today especially in beginning but this may not reflect on the ammo as it was windy and the winds were complex caused by various wooded knolls alone the line of flight..and I did not have yesterdays spotter to call my drift.
So the windage at one distance may not be extrapolated to another distance at this particular range.

Even so when the wind died down and I had nearly given up. I started to hit the 300 and 350 with some regularity with the Wolf Gold.
The PPU Match took me to 600 Yards the day prior but I did not attempt to walk up the range with the Wolf Gold the way I did with the PPU match.

Not sure If I will spend more time with my DMR set up tommorrow as I Have "Jungle walk" scheduled for my Patrol rifle (Sig516 w/ AimPoint PRO running Wolf Gold and Wolf Military Classic 62gr)

BTW the barrel was a 1 in 9

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