Finally had that exotic AR malfunction I been hearing about.


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Finally had that exotic AR malfunction I been hearing about for years.

Trigger locks up from primer stuck in trigger mechanism.
When it happened I couldnt be 100% that this was the cause but it seemed to make sense.

Actually happened a couple of weeks ago. I just been lazy fixing it.. when I got home I put a spare lower on the rifle and was GTG so the fix had low priority.

Finally got to it today.
Yep.Found a primer in the trigger mechanism specifically somehow lodged into/under the trigger element itself (as opposed to the hammer).

I dreaded finding something harder to fix.

But the God of War smiled on me and it took me only 5-6 minutes(!) to take out the trigger pack and put it back again!

....fastest time yet, I guess it was just one of those times were everything went smooth.. pins went right back in w/o any wiggling or whacking too.
We all know those times when we just can't get those pins back in w/o a lot of cursing etc right?
It probably helped that this was a softer sprung ALG trigger and softer springs make the pins easier to put back.

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