So ordered a new grip for my GP100 and..


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It was this one:

My intent was to put a equivalent to the OEM these come wiht.

But i dindt realize when they put "tamer" i the title it was intended to signify a thicker more rubbery grip.

Its a bit too thick for me and I am unsure I like the softer back of it.

This is what I should have gotten:

Live and learn.
Will take my 4 inch w/ the new grip to range.
My 3 inch had the OEM style grip.
(I also own a "compact" wood paneled grip currently uninstalled)

I guess I figure the 4 inch will get the hotter loads and the 3 inch will run 38 SPC or milder 357 Mag with the shorter barrel.
Even so I doubt I will like the thicker more rubbery grip.

Ill let folks now how it goes.


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I have had the second one on my Super Redhawk for years. I actually wouldn't mind the back being a bit wider and more squared of on that gun but overall, I like it. It really adds more control for follow up shots.

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