Some thoughts on Ammo/firearm balanced stash


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I believe Ammo is just as important.., no scratch that, more important, than the firearm itself.

Guns last a long time but Ammo goes "Bang" and is then gone, so the actual "agent-of-harm" that is the limiting factor in my ability to put effects on target is the Ammo, not the firearm.

As a rule of thumb I always have on hand as a minimum as much ammo as the price of the gun can buy.
That way you balance the resources allocated to each and not have an unbalanced supply of guns vs ammo.

Here are some examples of this concept:

If I have 3 guns of the same type/price, say 3 GP100s
Street value of 1 GP100 say 500-580 bucks. So to support 3 GP100s I will stash at least $1500-1600 of .357 Ammo for them. So about 4500 rds... maybe a mix with cheaper 38 SPC will bulk up that number..

If I own 2 AR15s at approx 1000 dollars each = 2000 dollars worth of 5.56/.223., so maybe either 10,000 rounds of steel case .223 or 6500 rounds of brass 5.56 , or some combination thereof would be an appropiate amount of ammo.

A 50 Beowulf thats worth maybe 1000 dollars ..... .50 Beowulf ammo is 2-3 dollars a round.. call it 2.50 so for that rifle I might feel 400 rds are a proper stash
...again its about balance, it would be foolish misallocation to try to support this niche rifle needing very expensive Ammo, with numerically as much ammo as an Ar15 or a pistol so its not really about the number of rounds per firearm.. but a balanced allocation of dollars..

A cheap firearm (say a 22LR single shot) accordingly is less of an investment of resources so correspondingly will get less $$ invested into its ammo to maintain its function in the face of a shortage (which numerically may still be quite a bit given the low cost of 22LR).

So you can see how this helps accomplish expensive firearms tool deserves to be enabled by a correspondingly greater amount of ammo resources allocated to it.

Conversely It makes little sense to own a half dozen ARs worth maybe $6,000-7000, but only have 1000 rds ($200-350 value depending) to support their function. That would be an incredibly lopsided allocation of resources.

This is why I stopped buying new rifles in past couple of years..

I realized if supplies of ammo and arms ever stopped.. I'd be running out of bullets long before I'd be running out of functioning rifles.

And that would be a waste ...

Bear with me fellas I'll take it a step further.... as it applies to other classes of gear as well..
....correspondingly once I realized this, I even sold some ARs to convert their value into ammo, training, and key accessories such as lots of mags and even Nightvision, for a better balanced stash.


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I have stocked up on .22LR. It is a very good round to have on hand in a SHTF time. And since it can't be reloaded, I felt the need to have plenty in stock. Other calibers that can be reloaded, I have lesser rounds in stock. I decided I wanted a reloading setup in case ammo became scarce for whatever reason. I have a couple books and printed off specs from different powder manufacturers on reloading recipes on the different calibers.

I also have a .22 caliber air rifle that could be used for hunting small game. In a SHTF condition, that may be the go to weapon for putting food on the table. Pellets are inexpensive. The gun is quiet. No ammo to reload. It'll take down birds, squirrels, rabbits and more.
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