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I recently found out that the G43 is on the GSSF firearms purchase list which is $380 on there discount. I sold my G19 cause I have 2 so i sold my 2nd gen. I was wondering if there is anything bad or good with this model. Ive heard nothing but good things about it but i thought Id ask the GLOCK Guys here on the forum. If you dont want to post for all please send me a PM. Thanks fellow plastic gun fanatics LOL:cheers:
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Noone has one of these yet I take it? No responses? :rolleyes:

Did you piss someone off C27?

I've not shot one either but I'll give my opinion FWIW if anything at all. But, do keep in mind, I'm not a brand basher other than some POSs out there that I just wouldn't have. I do like the Plastic Hammerless Striker Fireds alot. Glock is my preference but I like other Plastics too.

So here goes my opinion on the G43. Because it's a single stack, none of your other mags are going to fit it, like the G26, G19 or G17. That's a downside IMO.

If I understand right, it's about the same size as G26 just a bit narrower. We're talking 4mm or .16in. Let's call it 1/8in narrower. That's not much at all. G26 standard capacity is 10 rounds + 1, G43 is 6 round +1. Are you willing to give up almost half your capacity for that 1/8in and not be able to share your other mags with this G43?

I hear it only comes with 1 mag. Additional mag is $30. Sounds like you're getting a good deal at $380 going through GSSF but if one of us non member guys goes to buy it, it's $499, and you may as well say $529 since I'd want at least 2 mags and can't share my other mags with it.

So for me, I'd be going G26 Gen 3 for $499 and be $30 ahead and be able to share my bigger 9mm mags with it. Or $39 more and get the G26 Gen 4 and get 3 mags and backstraps with it and be able to share my bigger mags with it.

If I really really wanted a small narrower gun like the G43, I'd prolly have to look at the Smith M&P Shield for $389 that is similar in size as the G43, and is also a single stack mag, but it comes with 2 mags, a 7 rounder and an 8 rounder that has a grip extension. I'd save my $110 + $30, have 1 or 2 more capacity, and the idea of the 8 round mag having the grip extension would be nice since it is a very small handgun.

But, that's just me and my opinion buddy. I'm not turned on by the G43 when comparisons are made. I'd have to choose the Glock G26 for the money and keep the Glock advantages of mag sharing and barrel swaps. Or as bad as it would hurt, I'd choose the M&P Shield over the G43 if that size was a must have.


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Hay man its ok to come out again! WE WON. I have large hands and it felt to small. Lots of friends have them and love them. I might look at a sig 938 . 1911 style .

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