Who else here exercises with a view to becoming more lethal?


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Who else here exercises with an eye to making yourself more lethal with your firearms?
Below is this week for me.. which is fairly typical, about, myself Army Vet in beginning middle age who works a desk job:

So this week not too bad yet.
Monday : Run... a bit of a breakthrough run a lot faster than usually.. finally more of a run rather than a mere jog..
Tuesday: Solid Iron Pump. Focused on upper body only.. which is rare for me but I was in the mood for it and I view this workout as mostly my "weapons handler":
-Bent over rows (w/ the pad to hold you up by the chest): 3 heavy sets to muscle failure
-Sit-ups: oneset to just short of the cramp up point
-Standing military dumbbell press: 2 sets (40 lbs each dumbell)
-Incline bench Dumbell press: 2 sets (50lbs each dumbell))
- Flat bench Dumbell press 2 sets (60 lbs each dumbell)
- Lateral raises: 3 sets
- Frontal raises: 3 sets
- Weird should rotational shoulder exercise I made up myself but have been later told is a wrestling exercise: 3 sets
- Shooting exercise: Self invented.. am holding 2 dumbbells, (only 5 lbs each as I am really spent at this point) , face one way w/ hands down in patrol ready.. turn head, body, "weapon" bringing up the weights in front of me inline w/ each other like a rifle.. is basically a modified form of the frontal raise..... repeat the other direction... do unto failure= 1 set. Did 2 sets. When I was done my shoulder were so blown I struggled to park my truck despite powersteering... was totally beat.

Wednesday: Today, a run.. also nicely faster than I did in recent months tho not quite as quick as Monday.. (was angry on monday)
Tommorrow: I will do a ruck march or take day off not sure yet.
Friday: Run
Saturday: full body iron pump IF I can squeeze it in before I go shooting at a buddy's range at noon (its a full hour drive to his house and my gym doesnt open until 9). Wont be able to show off much in shooting if I am totally beat ..but its excellent training in its own right to shoot when physically totally exhausted as this is what you will be when fighting enemies foreign or domestic)
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Not sure we are keeping our training logs thread.. But I'll reengage.
Been good with exercising last few weeks,.. 4-6 exercises a week.
Runs, ruck marches and functional iron pumps.

Been doing this for a while now so am finally gotten in the shape to work out hard.

Today's workout was this (however...):

3 sets close arm pull ups
3 sets dips
3 sets wide arm lat pulls
1 set sit ups
2 sets bent over rows
3 sets frontal raises
3 sets lateral raises
3 time farmers walk
2 sets back extensions.

All this in under 40 minutes.

After my last set of last exercise I nearly passed out.
Maybe because i dont usually do both farmers walk and back extensions in rapid succession.. usually its either/or for the day not both.

And when I say nearly passed out I mean this quite literal.
I was real dizzy and at one point my vision even started greying and i struggled to stand.

but I have no regrets shows me I am hitting it hard


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More power to you and I can appreciate your dedication. I installed an 18x8 garage door and opener yesterday and it's all I could do to get back in the truck when I was done. I hope the humidity isn't as thick where you are as it is here. It's difficult to breath some times. It's like there's no air in the air.

Anyhow, that's my long winded way of saying I'm not into exercise. Once I get home my body doesn't feel like doing anything else. You sir, are a machine.


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This week looking a bit less.
Did one run and 2 iron pumps. Today will do either a ruck march or an Run for cardio to get to my minimum of 4 for the week.

Last nite at 9:30 pm I had yet to do my 3rd exercise for the week and i knew if I dindt do something, right then, I would miss my minimum threshold of 4 for the week.

So I forced myself to head t the gym.. luckly my gym bag was prepacked from where i left it 2 days prior when I was going to head ot the gym but felt lazy.

So this was yesterday at 10pm.. luckily my particular Gold's is open 24 hrs... great gym BTW.. very low rates .......the basic rate (w/o the personal trainer and were u stick to your local Golds only) is only 10 bucks a month!!!! and its month-by-month can cancel anytime... or can upgrade to premium (or downgrade form premium) which is still only 25 bucks at anytime!!!!
you can see I modify my workouts in the gym bit but still hit key muscle groups..

3 sets of lat pulls
2 sets of free standing military press with dumbbells
3 sets of incline bench with dumbells (heavy)
2 sets of bent over rows (heavy)
1 set of sit ups (I count even a single set of s/u as an "exercise" since I dislike them so much and am concerned with wear if I do too many sets)
3 sets of frontal raises
2 sets of lateral raises
2 sets of back extension ( as usual these kicked my behind)
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Yesterday was an off day.

Today went to Gym (didnt do the hardest exercises, pull ups and dips, today since it had been too recent since eating)

4 sets of lat pulls
2 sets of standing military dumbell press
2 sets of incline dumbbell bench press (heavy)
2 sets of bent over rows
3 sets of frontal raises
3 sets of lateral raises
4 farmers walks
2 sets of back extentions.

Now I am enjoying a white russian topped with whipped cream :)

Tommorrow either run or ruck march.


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Alright are we still doing this? :)

So this week was like this:

Run (Lunch time)
Iron Pump (Evening)
Run (Lunchtime)
Wednesday and Thursday.. did nothing was on the road..
Run (Lunchtime)
Iron Pump in evening (my right elbow complained bitterly when I started out on close arm pullups.. was a unpleasant surprise especially since i had 3 days break being iron pumps..so I stopped and went to lat pulls instead.. in the end it was still a good workout did a total of 9 seperate exercises, many of them at 2 sets instead of 3 sets though)
Ruck March ( since I already had 3 runs this week and since I skipped squats at the gym I sub this in instead of another run)

This will give me a total of: Two full body Iron pumps, mostly with upper body emphasis but some legs and core included too, three runs, one ruck march.

Currently debating if i should take today off or not. I am kinda in the mood to exercise more and maybe that shouldnt be wasted.. Also I did take two full days off the middle of this week..
but I did have 6 total (cardios+weights) this week overuse injury risk is a real thing .. Thoughts?
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Like I said before, you are a machine.

In lieu of exercise, I'll be getting my boat ready for the water, weed eat the ditch, see if my motorcycle will run, replace a failing water pump circuit breaker and whatever else pops up that needs taking care of.

Update: Made some progress on the boat and cut the grass and did get to the ditch. I had more things on the list but ran out of time.
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Not so much to be more lethal as to live longer and enjoy life more. Last summer my shoulder got to the point where I had to stop. Recently, I have been testing it out some and so far, it feels much better. Hopefully, it will hold up and I can continue getting back in the groove.

Great work! :waytogo: Not many have the dedication but it is definitely worth it.

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