Always have a backup!


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I have the XDS as my primary carry, but if I did get a second weapon I think I might go for one that fits in an ankle holster personally.


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AMT .380 back up.. i like it.


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I have shot the Kahr PM 9 and for a small gun, I really liked it. It is not as small as some of the 380s but it would be very easy to conceal.


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I believe the example in the article is a case that after 3 racks and your attacker is still coming its about time to do some hand to hand work. Ive always thought that an edged or striking weapon made better sense for a back weapon. Face it carry one hand gun an extra mag or two is heavy now your going to add another? I know people that carry a lot smaller handguns than their primary. They have 2 weapons that function differently. No thank you. I think in this case i would just beat the attacker in the head with the butt of the grip. Just my .02


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I carry a Sig P238 as a back up with Critical Defense loads in it. I just slip it in my front pants pocket with a pocket holster.


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I agree that your back up may be better served as a knife or something similar. I can see why you would want a second gun but if the first fails or you run out of ammo, chances are you may not have time to be reaching for that ankle holster. It all comes down to preference, however.

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A bug is necessary if you get in a firefight. You will be in panic mode and may not be able clear a jam due to stress. quicker to draw another gun . Its called stress firing. US Army Rangers are the best shooters watch u tube about it.......


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Nothing wrong with a extra mag. When people shoot at another person they are looking at the gun they are getting shot with. That is common knowledge and your bullets go where you are looking.Gun get shot. New york reload. Tunnel vision is hard to stop even for experts.


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2 extra for primary, a bug with 2 extra mags, and other goodies on me when it's legal. 50 rounds of hot-ass .45acp hollow point goodness.

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