FG42 project

Sgt. Rock

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Might be old news but I really would like one for myself...

SMG Guns | Semi Auto FG42 Project!



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8mm German Mauser= 7.92x57mm. Usually a ~170gr bullet at ~2600 fps.

30-06= 7.62x63mm. M2 ball was a 150gr FMJ at ~2500 fps.

Very similar in ballistics. I have a Kar98 in 8mm and an M1 Garand in '06; and barnyard ballistics testing (ie. watermelons, water filled milk jugs, pumpkins, etc.) show both cartridges to be in the same class. Neither would be frowned upon if the need arose to defend my homeland in 1940...or for that matter, 2014:)

And a side note that SMG offers a version in .308; which would be my choice.

Sgt. Rock

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I agree one bad ass looking weapon..would like to fire off couple hundred rounds and check results. Surprised it isn't on Feinstein's ban list..for you know us veterans are all crazy.


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Mag out the side like the Sterling looks awkward and out of balance. 30:06 is my choice for many fine dinning pleasures.

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