Have an AFTER action plan


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Ok, we've all talked about how to defend ourselves, and what to do if a bad guy gets in your home. But do you have a plan for contact with law enforcement? Do you even know the right things to say?
Pay close attention to what he says about barricading. I think too many people think that they are going to be able to go room to room and clear their house when a BG enters... not a good idea. Have a plan for getting your family into a barricaded position where you only have to defend part of a room and have a clear view of the only entrance to that room.

Have a plan, and share it with your family.

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Some good info there.

Since the title is AFTER action - I would especially adhere to the advice given to me by several active and retired officers. Basically, pay attention to the Miranda rights. Tell them who you are, comply with instructions, etc. Answer questions with an attorney present.


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If someone breaks in while you are home chances are very high that they are not alone. Taking out one baddie may not end the situation. After initial contact retreat and defend is not a bad plan. Preplan where you intend to make your stand. Keep back up weapons/ammo in your defense position as well as a method of outside communication. Let 911 know exactly where in the house you are located and advise that you are armed. Can't hurt to describe what you are wearing to help the police identify the good guys from the bad. Know that the police will come at you hard and cuff you until they can confirm identities.


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I ALWAYS have my cell phone on me, with the battery at half-strength at least. Along with my 17-shot G17.


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On me at all times is my cell phone, car keys, and personal protection devices. Retreat plan had already been established with my wife. She has keys to the shotgun at the retreat location, and knows how to handle it. I just wish she'd keep her cell phone on her at all times.


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Yup, better dress, dont wanna be free baggin for the nosey ass neighbors ...

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