Let's see your rides!


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I know we have a bunch of us on here from the automotive forums.

Let's see your pride and joy, post as many pics as you like including mods.

BUT, let's keep it peaceful please! I know we all have our own preferences in brands, etc, so let's respect everyone's own and enjoy each others rides.

Here's mine:

2007 Dodge Ram 2500 5.9 CTD 4X4
Not to many performance mods as I am waiting to build my transmission.
AFE Stage II CAI, Smarty Tuned, Straight-Pipe Exhaust
Also run 2 Redtop Optima Batteries, AFE Deep Trans Pan, SRT10 Ram hood, 305/65R17 Mickey Thompson ATZ tires, LED cablights and taillights, and a few other odds and ends






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2011 Silverado with the 6.2. Just a few basic mods so that's why I'm here lol (needed a new hobby). Promised the wife I'd leave the truck alone and not go overboard like the last one. As of now just a drop, wheels, tune, and basic bolt ons



The previous ride was a 09 TBSS with a blower, built trans and quite a few supporting mods. Couldn't keep a trans in it so I demoded and got rid of it




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2010 Ford Raptor 6.2L

Not a Ford fan, but I do respect the Raptor for what it is.

Nice action pics! I am glad to see you using the truck the way it was designed to be used!

There are a lot of Raptors around here and I doubt any of them have been off-road. Shameful.

Mike Hammer

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I was not a ford fan either, but after getting a Raptor, I am a fan now. Its one slick machine. I have had 2 Dodge Rams, but compared to the Raptor, they ride like tin cans.

And yes I know the Rams were not designed to do what a Raptor does, its not apples to apples. I liked both Rams alott, But if I was going to buy a regular truck again, I most likley would get a Ford.


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Ford raptor. Jack

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