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PHILADELPHIA — The parents of a Marine sergeant who died while stationed in Greece say that they discovered weeks after his funeral that his body had been sent home without a heart — and that the Department of Defense later gave them somebody else's heart in its place.

Craig and Beverly LaLoup, who are suing the department, said Tuesday that authorities told them 21-year-old Brian LaLoup had shot himself in the head during a party at the U.S. Embassy compound in Athens, where he worked a security detail.

The Marine was taken to an Athens hospital and died a few hours later. Six days after that, on Aug. 18, 2012, the state-run hospital performed an unauthorized autopsy, according to the family's lawsuit, filed Friday in Pennsylvania.

The LaLoups don't know what happened to their son's heart. They say a heart arrived months later and the Department of Defense and Greek authorities claimed it was their son's. However, a months-long wait for DNA results proved otherwise.

"This is his heart. This is his soul. This is what made Brian who he is," Beverly LaLoup, of Coatesville, said Tuesday in a phone interview.


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I'm not sure what would motivate the bereaved to inquire as to the status and location of the deceased's internal organs...


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Need to check the hospitals to see if they had any heart transplant s lately.The black market for body parts is out there. I hope they rot in hell if this is the case.


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It kinda would be interesting how they came to find out he was sent home without his heart. Did they just decide to do a parts inventory? Was it noted on some paperwork? Did a Doc on this side discover it? And it was a gunshot to the head. Who needed to do an autopsy? Cause of death should have been pretty obvious.


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Thats just wrong. Even if there was nothing bad going on.Then a heart was sent after the fact that was not his .DNA test I assume.

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