New Six......I mean Seven-shooter!


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I like my small frame SP101's, but last month I decided i needed a larger framed revolver. Was initially going to get a GP100, but after watching dozens and dozens of youtube videos reviews, decided to try a S&W.
Welcome to the family.....


And a few range pics:


For a factory trigger, I'd give it a A+ in SA and a B+ in DA. Might try a lighter weight hammer spring in the future, but for now I'll let it be.
I'd replaced the trigger springs along with some stoning of the trigger and hammer assemblies with good results, but still can't beat the smoothness and release of the S&W trigger.
The GP100 had a little longer reach to the trigger for my medium sized hands and the bore axis seemed a little higher than the 686.
Still may pick up a 3 or 4" blued GP100 in the future as only a inexpensive trigger/hammer spring job will make for a great shooter!
Only have one negative w/the 686, grip screw was stripped, so a call to S&W will be made on Monday. Hopefully the nut threads are not buggered in the grip, although I plan on ordering some better contoured grips soon.


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I like it, I guess that one day I will be able to put one revolver into my collection.
One revolver leads to another! Like Autos, they are addicting! You also actually feel like you are getting more out of your range fees as it takes longer to go through a box.:laughing1:
My next revolver(8-shooter) for bedside:


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I only have one revolver, but its fun. I have a Ruger New Model Blackhawk and it comes with two cylinders, one for .45 ACP and another for .45 Long Colt. I really like the weapon and even though its a Single Action it just feels good in the hand.

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