Real angry at NRA for caving on bumpfire stocks


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While I see not utility in them for me personally its the principle.
"Not one more inch!"
Was the motto just a week ago.

Left NRA and joined the GOA instead now.
Perhaps I overreacted since the NRA due to size is the most effective tool and I LOVED their new campaign in last few months

But what value are all the nice slogans if we cave whenever there is a massacre?

There will be more of them anyway..

Do we give up mid cap magazines next time the left stirs the media AgitProp into a frenzy?
And then? what goes next?

The medium term goal of the enemies of our republic is banning all Semi-autos and this is a slippery slope in that direction..
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Yep, the other part of this is not only the possibility of the bump fire stocks being made illegal but it looks like the Hearing Protection Act has been shelved. It was looking like it possibly might pass but with recent events probably wouldn't stand a chance now.

Clinton wasted no time in making the comment about if the shooter had been using a silencer he could have killed many more. And as usual she has no idea what she's talking about but she never lets that stand in the way of her agenda.

I looked at the bump fires as a perfectly good way to waste ammo. It's a way to send a lot of lead and hope one hits something. My neighbor has one. Sounds impressive when he shoots it.


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And then there's this. A ban on bump fire stocks is just the first domino to fall. National reciprocity has been postponed. How interesting the timing on when this occurred right when a number of pro gun legislation are being considered.

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