Selling reloading "SERVICES"


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A co-worker and I were talking to about this. We figured that it was illegal. We are talking about reloading as a SERVICE, and whether paying someone for the work of reloading. I.E. - I provide the gunpowder, primer, brass etc, and pay someone to do the work for me. Either because I am lazy, or they already have all the hardware to do the actually reloading.

We were just wondering out loud - no plans to do this. Just curious...
it's probably more costly than just buying the equipment and doing it yourself, but if I recycled by own brass and it gave a friend some extra cash, maybe it would sort of be worth it...


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As I understand it if you are paying someone to make ammo for you then they need special FFL as a manufacturer. A person can sell ammo components all day long without and special licensing. Just can't put it together and sell it complete.

There is also the liability thing. If you pay someone to build ammo for you they are liable for squibs or overcharges which can hurt you. If this happens on your own equipment then only you are responsible.


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We always had our shot shells reloaded. Just pay for it in favors or cash



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I know someone that does reloading for people here in SLC,UT... All he does is charge for his time, but he doesnt need an FFL to do reloading.


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Q: Is a person who reloads ammunition required to be licensed as a manufacturer?

Yes, if the person engages in the business of selling or distributing reloads for the purpose of livelihood and profit. No, if the person reloads only for personal use.

[18 U.S.C. 922(a) (i) and 923(a), 27 CFR 478.41]

ATF Online - Firearms - Frequently Asked Questions - Manufacturers

Not a game I would be playing.

Always someone to ruin the good fun !!! :sorrysign:

Actually great info. We sure don't want anyone getting into trouble. However, I'd imagine if you kept your relaoding amongst buddies and family you'd be OK.

Back in the day, we had a group of shooing buddies. One guy did the handgun loads, one guy did the rifle loads, or one guy did the 30.06 loads and another did the 7mm loads. We worked it out great using our equipment to the best we could to make it affordable. No sense in all 4 of us buying 30.06 Dies, and all of buying .38 Special or .357 Mag dies and a different press etc. One guy that didn't load much, he was the guy that deprimed and cleaned the brass. A good group of guys can make it work to where everyone benefits. There were 2 in our group that didn't load at all, but they did chase down and buy the prmiers, powders and bullets. So rather than PAY for services, they'd give a bottle of powder to the guy who loaded their stuff. No cash really changed hands between the 6 of us.

Many times, we ended up having loading parties out in the garage, watching our shooting videos from the weekend before, having a few beers and everyone taking a turn at the presses. Just another good excuse for the guys to get together for a ball scratch.The women didn't mind much since they knew where we were and the one wife could verify, or sometimes the women came too and they stayed in the house.

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