The TAC-CON 3MR Trigger. Does it work? I installed it!


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Recently I got a deal on a sightly used TAC-CON 3MR Trigger.
I paid about as much as a new decent Geissele goes for.

Many of you will know what the TAC-Con is… for those who dont, it’s an aftermarket trigger that offers the ability to rotate the selector switch to the “auto ” positions and advertises something close to full auto for comparable to a bump stock but w/o the inherent ungainliness of the bump stock.

It is not uncontroversial.
has been derided as a “Gimmick” by some reviewers and been described as “works as advertised” by others.

The original advertisement video was a bit sensationalist and seemed to promise something approximating full auto.
Vid here:

So here is my experience with it.

– Looking at the parts I found it to be a beautiful Unit, very nice CNC machining with clearly very high end materials. Just a beaut its a shame to hide it in the lower. It seems to have a very nice coating on it and their website identifies it as Nickel teflon.
– It comes with a small printed card to keep in your wallet that shows the ATF letter that its legal so you dont get arrested by some overzealous LEO.
– The Selector switch seems to made of a Some Teflon coated Nylon with some steel rings covering where it meets the trigger. Kinda would prefer it to be like the regular selector which I understand are made out of aluminum
– The installation was a complete bitch.
Everyone says it’s easy and the trigger “just drops in” as aunit but they apparently dindt try to put it into a LWRC lower which appears to be every so slightly off in the stock holes that mount the trigger/sear disconnect.
I put so much pressure on the unit by hand I was getting worried about bending the trigger or something. In the end it simply dindt work w/ a LWRC lower. :wacko:

Since all reviewers seemed to rave about how easy it was to put it in, I was at a loss until I found a reviewer who stated “does not work in all lowers”.
Well clearly it works in most, because I took the lower off a radon rifle of mine (the Troy) Troy rifle (which got my LWRC lower to run it’s stock trigger) and this worked fine.Troy lower mixed in with the FDE upper and the pre existing dark trim on the FDE rifle, breaks up the silhouette more I’d imagine. Pls disregard the date stamps on the pics)

– Took it to the range today I must say I love the semi-auto setting….. no take up at all super smooth and light. This would also make a fine trigger for a DMR rifle IMO (tho in all fairness I must state I have little experience with high end aftermarket triggers,.. maybe they are all this good?..)

– Put it on the “full-auto” setting. The first half of the first mag I couldt get it to work, but by my second mag I was making 3-6 round bursts no problem.
– By the 4th Mag I could do almost the whole mag in a burst, maybe wiht one “stoppage” into Semi.
– Unlike a real full auto gun you still have to put a little concentration and focus into your trigger as you ride the breaking point of the trigger into astrin gof shots
– There is not doubt in my mind that with just a little more practice it will become easier and easier for me to shoot in bursts. Even now after my first shoot I am confident of burst fire
– Not everyone seems to be able to make it work. My buddy who I was shooting with, a very competent gun guy with multiple Combat Arms deployments to the middle east in high end units, was not able to make it work at all (within the 20 rds I gave him).
Since it wasn’t his ammo he didnt want to keep trying but this is just as word of caution not everyone seems to have a “knack” for it, even though I am pretty sure most will be able to make it work eventually.

– In summary, though it may be harder to run than it looks in the ads, it is clear to me, that this trigger works exactly as advertised.


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Rusty Shackleford

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My impression with mine is that is a very nice crisp trigger but the assisted reset feature did not really make it worth the expense. I would not buy another.


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If you ever wanna sell it for the same price I paid this other guy for a used unit please PM me :)


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Update: In response to an email inquiry of mine a company rep gave ,me his weekend number and asnwered my questions about the selector:

Robert at Tac-con told me the selector switch is alumimum and the inside of the selector where it meets the trigger assembly is steel.

The Trigger just looks a bit like polymer since the covering tends to come out a bit shiny but its all aluminum and steel.


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I just did a little homework on this. It seems that how it actually works is that when the bolt moves to the rear, it automatically resets the trigger rather than the shooter having to lift their finger to reset it. As a result, instead of releasing the trigger before pressing it again, you just press it.


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It's starting to work a little bit too well (if you know what I mean)
Sending it back to TAC-Con who offered to replace for free


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Shot the trigger again this weekend.
Again it reliably worked exactly as advertised.

I think observers had a hard time distinguishing it from true automatic bursts.
Longest strings were about 20 rds of "auto" before I lost the "sweet spot" on the trigger (you have to hold it "just-so")

I think for SUT training it might be a useful addition to aid in battle field inoculation and get students used to "automatic" fire around them so they can realize it's not the death wand Hollywood makes it out to be.

Even so.
Trigger does exactly as advertised ,again and again.

The selector switch which is shiny billet is a bit too pretty+smooth for my liking, as it results in very soft "dentents" when I switch between "Safe" , "Semi" and "auto" settings.

A couple of times during ;lanes last weekend when I flopped on the ground during fire and movement, I flipped the switch from safe to a postion a bit too far between "semi" and "auto" and as a result I had a dead trigger until I pushed it back a bit.

Am looking for a stronger selector switch spring to help alleviate that.

May not be the sole fault of trigger as I had little experience w/ this lower prior to TAC CON installation.

<em>Summary: </em>

Pros: it is a lot of fun, works as advertised and may contribute to SUT training..

Con : Eats lots of ammo quickly if you let it and contributes little to your combat Power (just like on issue rifles, except you have to spend more effort on the shooting itself as the trigger needs to be held just so)
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