WeaponsForum Activity Contest Giveaway Round 1!


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We are giving away over $1000 in awesome prizes to WeaponsForum.com members! The best part is, it's free to enter and all you have to do is post on the forum...seriously.

WeaponsForum.com iPad Mini Giveaway + more!

We will be giving away a total of 10 prizes ranging from a 16GB Black iPod Mini to $10 Amazon gift cards. We want to reward the members who consistently post quality information and possibly encourage others to do the same. Without all of you, this forum would not be able to succeed. This is our way of giving back and thanking everyone who contributes time to our forum.

How it works:

Every post has a unique ID number assigned by the forum software. Starting RIGHT NOW, each on-topic post made before November 11th (11:59 pm EST) will count as an entry to the giveaway. To be eligible for this contest, you must have at least 30 posts total by the contest ending date.

Posts within "The Lounge" and "Members Area" will NOT count as winning posts. Also, "off-topic" posts that are made outside of The Lounge or Members Area will be omitted from winning. Examples of off-topic posts are: one word replies like "cool", "nice", :smiley:, "bump", etc., and anything else that is clearly off-topic in nature. Determination of a quality post will be made at the discretion of Shaggy and BIRDMAN. Staff is also eligible for this contest, expect of course for BIRDMAN and Shaggy.

The more you post quality information, the better chances of winning one of the prizes!

The contest will end Monday, November 11 at 11:59 pm EST. We will use Random.org to enter the range of post ID numbers that were made during the giveaway. We will run the Random.org query and reference the associated post ID numbers that get chosen. The first "on-topic" post that is selected by its ID will be awarded the iPad Mini to the member who posted it. We will continue using the same method for the rest of the 9 other prizes:

Grand Prize- 16GB Black iPad mini

2nd Prize- 16GB Black iPod Touch

3rd Prize-16GB Black iPod Nano

4th-5th place prizes: $100 Amazon gift cards

6th-7th place prizes: $50 Amazon gift cards

8th-10th place prizes: $10 Amazon gift cards

Fine Print- Contest starts with the post ID number following this one and will end with the last post before 11/11/13 at 11:59 AM (EST). The Grand Prize is an 16g Black iPad Mini. There will only be 1 Grand prize winner for the iPad mini and 9 other prize winners. All prize winners will be selected using Random.org and only posts made in the selected dates listed will be eligible. Winners will be contacted via PM (Private Message) and will have up 7 days from contest end to claim the prize awarded. If not claimed within the 7 days, we will select another winner. One prize per person. If an International member wins one of the top 3 prizes, he/she will receive a gift card equal to the value of the prize. We reserve the right to remove any posts for any reason during the contest period and ban users. Any posts or members banned or removed during the contest period will be deemed ineligible to win the contest. We reserve the right to change, alter, or cancel this contest at any time for any reason.

That's pretty much it! If you have any questions about this contest, please post them here or you can pm me.

Thanks again and good luck to all!!


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I have never seen a forum work as hard as this one to do good things like this for it's members. Thanks Guys.


Good luck Guys and Gals, the more you post, the better your chances......

Shaggy, remove me from the list of eligible too would you please


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I have never seen a forum work as hard as this one to do good things like this for it's members. Thanks Guys.

Wow second that! :headbang:

I have no idea what to post 29 more times. Any threads on camo colored ammo? Favorite boots to kick liberal pinko butts? Hunting drones with Night Vision goggles? Gun powder with a fresh bacon aroma? Turn your BOB in to a life raft with duct tape and bubble gum?

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Thanks too all of administraters and sponsers for making this great promo happen, hopefully I can win something...lol I've never won anything in any promo or contest on any website. I will continue my posting here regardless because this is a great forum and have been here since the beginning, great place and members. Have mde alot of good friends here......
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I am keeping an open mind that I "MAY" get a chance to win something. It would definitely help to have another iPad for school... That way I can take the big one and the wife could have the other :)

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