What model of AR-15 do you have/want?


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Just joined the club

New member here. Ordered a Rock RIver Tactical Elite 2 weeks ago... just waiting for delivery now.
Trained on the Bushmaster and followed friends advice for the RR which will be my first privately owned AR. I wanted something very similar to what I am familiar with. I have had a hunting rifle for years and handguns but am excited to get going with my RR and my 16 yr.old son is more excited than me!


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Here's my Del-Ton Sport.
With a YHM Diamond Series handgaurd.


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I had 2 S&W M-P 15s but sold one to my brother. Now I want a big bore AR but don't know which caliber. Maybe 6.8 or .300 blk


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Gordo, thinking of going suppressed or not? I love my 6.8, but went with a 300 blk for my next build for sub sonics.


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I have a RRA Elite Operator 2, and a Bushy ORC in .308

I will be building my next 5.56...just not sure which way I am going yet, but it will be a piston gun.


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Bushmaster M4 lower with Magpul grip and trigger job. RRA tactical upper, all decked out with ACOG, weapon light/laser forward grip.


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I really want to get an AR soon! I love the H&k but it is way out of my price range. Been looking at the bushmaster hunter in .308.


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Just a few for the 6.8. Btw the 6.8 and 300BO are in a completely different class with very different design roles.

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Looks like I'm going to put some money down on the bushmaster hunter and pick it up in a few weeks when I am able to take time to shoot it and check it out! Would just right out buy it but then I WILL take time to shoot when I need to be doing other things!


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DPMS AP4 Carbine, 7 years....thousands of rounds with no malfunctions



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Right now I have a DPMS lower with a Stag 20" heavy barrel upper. I just bought a Spikes Jolly Rogers lower and have some Magpul gear on my Christmas Wish list. Thinking about putting a YHM 6.8spc upper on this one for my wife to deer hunt with.


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Well I just put a bunch of cash down on a M&P 15. Going to be caught up with work and Christmas so I won't go back and pick it up until Jan. Unless I get super impatient!

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