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    The Colt Python has just been re-released!!!!!!
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    The Lost Walking Dead scene

    pretty good
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    Two fantastic deals on AR Mags!

    This might be a time to stock up for those living in States where the enemies of the Republic have made political breakthroughs and have prefiled draconian, no grandfathering, instant felony laws for standard capacity mags, funds for incarceration of the newly created felons also already...
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    I could finally log back in

    Havent been able to for some months.. due to a any spam defense ( am travel abroad a lot these days..) Too bad I had so many coll gun subjects to post on.. but glad to be back on! :dogpile:
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    Thoughts on 7 shot revolvers..?

    An extra rund is always nice. But what about the penalty? What Do I mean? - The cylinder will be a bit bigger even if walls are thinned out. - The thinning out of the cylinder walls to accomodate the extra round must come at some expense of strenght. I like to shoot hot loads in my GP100 but...
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    This week I made a ballistics table for 69 gr PPU match for my AR.

    This week I made a ballistics table for 69 gr PPU match for my AR. It has a 20 inch barrel w/o chrome (nitrided). The scope is a Nikon 223 w/ the Ballistic Drop reticle. So the rifle is set up as a Designated Marksman Rifle not as a Carbine But the BD is near worthless I found out when shooting...
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    Has anyone seen any Ruger GP100 Royal Phoenix FS?

    Been looking around.. nada.. I used to own one and sadly sold it.
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    Found an article with good training tips for the Carbine..

    Found an article with good training tips for the Carbine for those who dont have cars or barricades in their shooting yard.
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    What a jump for the Indian Army!

    Those troops facing Pakistan and China in the disputed Mountain areas are get SIG716 to replace their worn FN FALS and an unloved domestic rifle:
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    Jerry Miculek on shooting "Walking Dead" type targets
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    PT111G2 torture test
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    Movement techniques in Urban terrain
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    The ambush
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    The Smith and Wesson Revolver Manual
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