I could finally log back in


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Havent been able to for some months.. due to a any spam defense ( am travel abroad a lot these days..)

Too bad I had so many coll gun subjects to post on..

but glad to be back on! :dogpile:


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Welcome back. I just spent a week trying to get my computer up and running again. Had some corrupt files that wouldn't let it boot up. Found some software that could fix the file system and it did. Then I cloned my 500GB hard drive to a 1TB solid state drive. Installed the SSD and my Macbook is like a new machine.


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I wonder if a lot of other members have been locked out.
When I try to get in from another browser it blocks me claiming the website has a defense mechanism against hacking " which is what is blocking me.. (i am on international travel)
It took em no small amount of work to get back in...

I wonder if that explains our lack of traffic.


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Back.. I been locked out for a year.
Wont let me on ( I log on from otuside the country now so maybe thats why)

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