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    These are the carjackers who made the deadly mistake of targeting a driver with conce

    Yeah, it's both disgusting and hilarious at the same time.
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    california and guns on an airplane

    Contact the CA Dept of Justice. They are the authority on incoming and outgoing firearms in CA for both private party and FFL transfers.
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    Starbucks has caved under pressure

    Makes me want to go buy an extra small t-shirt, stick 4 full size 1911's in my waste band and go for some coffee :burnout:
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    Custom guns

    They have a 1 year warranty, and then a lifetime service contract which covers everything but the mag, sights, grips and finish.
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    naval yard shots fired

    How many times is this going to happen before we let our men and women in uniform carry on military installations?
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    Custom guns

    I don't know if I would spend that much for a carry gun. If you plan on running competition with it, that's a different story. Take a look at Metro Arms. The quality, fit and finish is comparable to a Kimber or a high end Springfield for about half the $$$$. MetroArms
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    Wife's new XDs 9mm

    Great guns. Make sure you check your serial # against the recall list. Springfield Armory ReCall Registration
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    Hello - From Everywhere

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    springfield xd40 opinions

    The XD is a great gun, and $535 out the door is fair. After he pays the tax on it and his credit card fee, he's not making much.
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    Modify my AK or no?

    One factor to consider is loss of integrity / strength of the receiver with the underfolder removed. best bet is to disassemble the stock mechanism, remove the actual stock, and reinstall the underfolding hardware into the receiver so it fills the gap. Then drill and tap 2 10/32 holes in the...
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    How many of you

    Very sound practice. Unless a "T-box" shot is achieved damaging the medulla oblongata, a head shot is useless. That is a hard shot to make and requires a lot of training. I've seen on several occasions men continue to fight with large portions of the skull damaged or removed. the body will...
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    Custom guns

    A couple recent customer builds Mossberg 500- Kicklite recoil reduction stock, polished action, scout mount with Burris Fastfire. Barrel shortened and custom brake permanently attached, finished flat black. Saiga 12- receiver conversion - weld in back plate - push button side folder -...
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    Custom guns

    We'll be ready when you are!
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    re boring a rifle barrel...

    It would have to be professionally bored, rifled, fitted to the receiver, and then chambered = very expensive. Best bet would be to start with a 30 cal rifled blank and macine/weld where needed to fit the handy rifle receiver.
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    M16 for longer distances?

    +1 on that. I failed to mention that the 600m targets are a human torso on a 4'x4' backer.