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Going to shoot my judge this weekend, my buddy got me 500 45lc reloads and I wanna get used to s hooting it, I wanna get good with the long colt before shooting 410 buckshot out of it.I have shot buckshot th
Running it it's just a heavy gun b u t I like it......pics to come soon....
Concealed 27

Concealed 27

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patience is a virtue.....lol I can only do pics from my desktop which is not at my home currently. So here it is with with my crimson trace grips on it. Great gun just gonna take me awhile to get used to it, only my 2nd revolver the other was a s&w 642 airlight in 38 Special........


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Shot one very similar to that awhile back. Had some Winchester PDX1 .410 shells we fired through it. Pretty potent package. Did some significant damage to a 2x6 we were shooting at.


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2014 and that was the end of Jeff and the judge. Any body else try one or the governor 410 pistols ?

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