Sears Model 25


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I recently purchased a Sears Model 25 at a local pawn shop. After haggling a little the price dropped to $85. I got the rifle home and looked it up on a website They say it's a High Standard Model A1041. However, I looked at J.B. Woods' Assembly/Disassemble book and he calls it a High Standard A102. I guess it doesn't really matter... I took it all apart and cleaned it in mineral spirits, brushed the bore, lubed it, and rubbed the wood. The bore is perfect. The wood has really beautiful grain - something I wouldn't expect. Does anyone else have one? but Woods' book mentioned that the action locks open until the trigger is released. Strange, but okay. I'm gonna try and get out to shoot it in the next few weeks.


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I do not have one. I used to have a Sears single shot 22 many moons ago. Post up a few pictures. :D

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Wonder if years back if you could actually order one thru their Xmas catalog...? love to see some pics.


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Congrats for your new gun. You really enjoy target shooting with your Sears Model 25. It is actually a quality rifle made by High Standard under strict Sears requirements. If it is good condition and shoots will sell for $100.00.

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