So.. with a 3 inch barrel....


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What do the revolver gurus here recommend.
For two applications:

a) an affordable practice ammo thats still 357 Mag. ...Is the consensus here fiocchi 142 gr? A round I shot a lot and still have some stashed...

b) A self defense round. Should I look for a round w/ faster burning powder due to 3 inch? Or will that accelerate forcing cone wear?



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Tula 158gr. is pretty inexpensive at .26-.27 cents a round. I hear it can be a dirty ammo but if all you want to do is practice then it'll do the job.

I don't normally practice with a defensive round. Too expensive. Yes, absolutely run some through the gun to verify function but I tend not to shoot a lot of it.


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The best deal by far is to roll your own. As for factory stuff, Perfecta is really cheap.

As for self defense, the old 125 grain semijacketed hollow point. They still make the Remington load. This is the load that built the 357 magnum's reputation and does considerably more damage than the newer "premium" loads. Those are typically lower velocity and don't fragment, essentially just a warm 9mm. To a fault, they are simply designed to pass the FBI tests. Another good load is the Hornady XTP.
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