What is your self defense load?


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Federal HST 147gr and 2-3/4" 00 buck for when I don't have patience

You think you're kidding but I've read stories that when the A10 Tank Killer fires it's Gatlin gun the aircraft does decelerate. So I guess in theory that if it was flying near stall speed and it fires it's gun it could lose lift.:confused:

Unlikely to happen since the gun is primarily used on ground targets which would allow the aircraft to "coast" if you will. I do however recall one "discovery wings" special where an A-10 shot down a helicopter with the gun... a bit overkill i think, but then again cheaper than a missile by long ways.

I had forgotten that the F14 Tomcat has a Gatlin gun too. A cool movie to watch is Final Countdown. Where a modern aircraft carrier goes back in time. F14's vs Zero's. I don't know how the F14's flew so slow.

Vulcan 20mm. Pretty much standard on All USAF fighters these days. The sweep wing design was pretty genius and in the F-14 resulted in one sexy bird.


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image.jpghas anyone shot these in a 45 acp or know anything about them . Hornady puts them out . I had never heard of them but they look pretty serious even though the front of the box says zombie max


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Unlikely to happen since the gun is primarily used on ground targets which would allow the aircraft to "coast" if you will.
I agree, unlikely to happen. My "stall" comment was just a theoretically possible thought. I know our A10 pilots are smart enough not to do such a thing.


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I've head good things about the Zombie Max ammo. Can't blame them for cashing in on the zombie craze


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3 '" chambered Judge using the winchester pdx loads (3) followed by 2 3" slugs with laser grips just to help with the aim.


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I was carrying a couple rounds of Critical Defense, followed by PDX1. But I saw the tests from the Critical Duty, which was very impressive. So I changed it. Now Critical Duty follows the Critical Defense. Then a couple hydrashoks before the last couple are PDX1. If I'm still shooting by then, either it's a target rich environment, or I'm having a serious penetration issue.


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I use the Ranger +P T-Series in my 45 and 9 and Corbon DPX for the 380
Where I keep them is hush hush hahahahah


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I've started using Critical Defense and Critical Duty. I've shot this ammo in my Sigs and Glocks and have not had any issues. It shoots as accurately as I can so I've been happy with it. Check it out!

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Winchester PDX1 .40 Caliber/Speer Gold Dots 124 Grain +P/ Hornaday Critical Defense .40/ Remington 223 45 grain HP

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