What is your self defense load?


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I try to carry what law enforcement caries here. Ranger and Winchester silver tips. This is for legal reasons only. # 4 buck in shotgun.


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PDX1 in .40 out of my Beretta Cougar just about blinded me at night from the flash. The Hornady critical defense had a lot less muzzle flash - like less than half as much.

Out of my CX4 carbine, the flash was fine, but it's just not a good choice for my pistol at night. I still have some in the magazine - but they're at the bottom of the cycle. If I'm still firing by the time I get to them, I may well be having a penetration problem.


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Depends. 2 nines have federal 124 gr hydrashoks in them the other has 115gr corbon hp and the 380 has gold dots and wifes 38 has i believe 125 gr hydra shoks in it.


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Yeah...I don't even know the specifics off the top of my head. I think my revolvers have 140 hornady XTP. My 40s have either 165 or 180gr JHPs.

The trunk monkey has some russian JHPs. Maybe 123 gr or so. Maybe 147 gr. I don't remember.


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Blink when you pull the trigger and it should preserve you night vision. My wifes 23c looks like a dragon at night.

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Glock 23....165 grain Gold Dot or Golden Saber.

Glock 36....230 grain Gold Dot or Golden Saber.

S&W Model 65....125 Grain Gold Dot or Golden Saber

S&W Model 60.... 158 grain LSWCHP+P




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Glock 22 40S&W - 180 grain Speer Gold Dot
Springfield XD 40S&W - 180 grain Speer Gold Dot
Ruger LC9 - Hornady Critical Duty 135 grain +P
S&W 642 - 135 grain +P Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel
S&W 65 - 125 grain Speer Gold Dot or 158 Grain Hornady in the woods


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G22 165g le gold dot
Mk25 and Sr9c 147g jhp winchester
I'm looking to switch to 124 +p gold dot for the mk25 and 147 gold dot for Sr9c.
M4 62g green tip :D


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185 gr. Hornady critical defense or Wincester PDX-1 230 gr. I went today to look for some Federal HST 230 gr. but the place I went to didn't carry them.


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For my Glock's, 40s&w 180gr. Fed. HST.
For my XD, 45acp 230gr Speer Gold Dots.
For the SP101 .357 mag 125gr. Corbon DPX.

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XDSC .40 with 180 GR. Hydra Shocks. Think Im gonna switch to ranger T's though. Just bought some and have read a lot of good about the round

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