What is your self defense load?


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It's actually quite simple. First you need 3 Dillon Aero Miniguns, then you need a gallon package of JB Weld, half a gallon of each solution making a gallon as a whole. When you have those things let me know, and I can assist you further after that.


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glock 23 .40 with hollow points

You might want to check into which Hollow Point you're using. It does make a difference. Long ago I had box of PMC Starfire. After watching other video's and how ammo performed, I did a search for the ammo I was using, nickel cases pretty looking hollow points. They're worthless as tits on a bore. IIRC, it was a denim water jug test. The bullet made it through all 6 jugs, was found though and looked exactly like it did when it was loaded into the magazine. Only difference was, it didn't have it's shell casing anymore, and the hollow point was clogged with denim. I'll be shooting those off at the range next time I go to make sure I get rid of them and don't mistake them for my Self Defense rounds. I'm also aware that Winchester makes a cheap non expanding hollow point round that's supposed to resemble shooting PDX1 for practice and target shooting. In cases of poor quality or non expanding hollow points, you're better off to use a standard target round.


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If you want to cheap out on fairly good self defense ammo, like I did, get some of this Plain White Box Winchester 180Gr BONDED Jacketed Hollow Point. It's said to be FBI overrun and is PDX1 in a brass case instead of nickel case. Rather than 20rd for $23, it's 50rd for $22. There is also some Federal Plain White Box .40 ammo also said to be LEO overrun ammo and is like Federal HST and is priced similar to the Winchester Plain White Box, but I've not seen any of that around for a very long time.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiD3nGJvxmE]40 S&W - Winchester Bonded - 180 Gr. JHP Ammo Test - YouTube[/ame]

Now don't mistake this stuff here for the PLAIN WHITE BOX FBI OVERRUN Ammo. This below is NOT IT. This guy is wrong when he calls this the Winchester White Box Ammo. What he is shooting here is the retail practice version of the hollow point that DOES NOT expand. See the Red Print on the Box, and notice it is NOT BONDED. This is just common retail Winchester Ammo you can buy at Walmart or about anywhere. But, do watch the test. This guy tests alot of ammo and is very thorough and does a great job at what he does. He just happens to be wrong in calling this the WWB ammo.
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Self defence will become a very essential for every person to protect himself in crime attacks or activities and make secured own self. I think, every person needs to get self defence training from security institute to make able to protect own self in crime attacks.

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My 9mm loads are 115 grain HST Federal Premium and BU mags are Federal plus p plus115 grain. In. 40 caliber black talons......,Concealed 27
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