Has anyone seen any Ruger GP100 Royal Phoenix FS?


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I didn't see one either. Checked Armslist and Gunbroker. Seems the Royal Phoenix was an exclusive to Lipsey's but didn't see any on their website. Jeff Quinn has a nice writeup on it and it looks like a really nice revolver. Good luck with your search. Pictures when you find one.


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They made only 589..

My buddy bought mine when I needed money and hadnt shot it since its too pretty to shoot .. so it was the first thing I sold

He paid me well over original MSRP for it (which was only like 700 in todays dollars and he happily paid 1100)
I offered him 1300 but he loves it also.. and he bought it fair and square helping me out when I needed money so I will not be keeping to bug him about it.
I think its as attractive as a Python but much more robust and near zero maintenance (unlike a Python which I understand needs retiming every X number of rounds)

If I dont find a RP, I was thinking about scratching that "Special GP 100" itch maybe with a Match Champion:
(click for video on the right)

Here is a blurb on the Royal Phoenix:

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