My GP 100 .357 Mag. Match Champion.


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I've always been a semi auto guy. But that is a sweet looking wheel gun. I remember as a kid staring down into the display case looking at the Colt Python with it's ventilated rib lookin' like it's ready to strike. Your gun takes me back.

Holy cow..... back then those guns were priced in the hundreds. I just looked and the Pythons are now fetching thousands. If only I had a crystal ball back then.


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My son bought this 6" GP100 today with money from his tax refund.



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Hopefully OP will chime in but since you said anyone, I will chime in. I have no telling how many thousands of rounds though mine. Everyone who has shot it loves it. The trigger is pretty good. It soaks up magnum loads like a champ and it just flat out shoots. I have more confidence in it than any other handgun I have shot. Barrel length is obviously subjective. I have a 6". I like the extra velocity and sight radius versus a 4". Most seem to like the longer barrel but it feels muzzle heavy to some. I think a 5" would be just about perfect.

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