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    Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe

    heres my supertuck delux with kimber CDP. i have carried it three times since i got it a week ago. i use it in the 4oclock position because im not very big and the handle imprints on my shirt if i put it on my side. front carry is uncomfortable but would be better with a smaller pistol. it is...
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    Piers Morgan

    i have a hard time figuring out why people ignore the facts because they want to see something happen so badly. history shows us what happens when we're unable to protect ourselves. all the recent shootings show us what happens when there's no sheep dogs around...the sheep get slaughtered...
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    10/22 build

    ive always had good luck with leupold. i also have a nikon prostaff 4-12x40 on a 17hmr savage and its really nice, the 12x gives just a little more advantage when punching paper. i just put a vortex diamondback 3-9x40 on a henry lever action 22 and its also really nice, its clear and really...
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    10/22 build

    looks like youre off to a good start. when i built mine i started with stock, then barrel, trigger, and other(bipod, polish internals). i should have started with trigger/polish, then barrel/stock. trigger makes biggest difference in my opinion, but all the upgrades help in their own way. now i...
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    AR15 or Shotgun for Home Defense

    12ga pump shotgun with light, shorter the better. bird shot strips the meat off the bones and doesnt penetrate walls as far. we used to shoot rats in the barn and we learned that bird shot will go through a wall if too close ~ 10' or less, otherwise it would just kill rats and bounce off the...
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    Black Rifle Thread, let's see them.

    bushmaster predator with a leupold mark 4 8.5-25x50 in a jp enterprise mount, harris bipod, and accushot monopod (mark 4 2.5-8x36 on standby if needed). need to upgrade the stock or put a stock pack on to raise cheek 3/8-1/2 inch, otherwise i love it
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    Rifle Suggestions?

    i owned a newer stainless, green laminate stock mini 14 for a few years and really enjoyed it(not target model). it was accurate enough for small critters and reliable. limited to ruger rings, but they are really nice. dont know about the M1A, not really the same level...
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    Let's see your .357s

    figured it out i was in beta whatever that is. all that for a crappy pic :)
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    Let's see your .357s

    desert eagle 357 @ 40yds using federal hydroshock. it shreaded the top of his heart and lungs then got stuck in his ribs. i still have the bullet.
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    Let's see your .357s I had to shoot him with my left hand because the knuckle of my trigger finger was shattered. i broke it the day before hunting season, but i wasnt going to let that spoil my fun. dangit! having problems...
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    High Point

    super customer service... my buddys carbine stock cracked so they installed a new one and had it back to him very quickly. accurate, cheap, and reliable so far after several hundred rounds. cant complain too much and definitely not gonna turn my nose up to them.
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    Do You Hunt With A Pistol?

    i use a desert eagle 357 on deer when im hunting short distances in the woods. i had a thompson contender 357maximum and it was great, i shouldnt have sold it. shot a deer with both at 40yds and they dropped right away. i use a 12ga slug gun for long shots...ohio, no rifles :( my mossberg 835...
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    Official Cigar Thread

    i only smoke cuigars one week a year...on vacation. normally i get a tin of cohiba cigarellos, but this year i got a tin of montecristo's. they are very similar, both really good. i like the thicker cigars i just prefer the smaller diameter ones.
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    FIRST :) - 12 guage shotgun

    just got a flyer from dunhms sports that has a mossberg 500 combo for $289 thats a 28" field barrel and a 26" rifled cantilever barrel for sabot slugs. mossberg shotguns have always been reliable for me
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    looking for a lever action

    dang fellas he said "not break the bank" jk! :) i bought my 39a years ago for $240 now theyre around $450. the new henry lever action 22 seems to do great, we got one for my nephew last year for christmas and it has held up to his abuse really well. it was $200, which i thought was pretty...