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    .22 Suppressor

    Well I finally got my .22 suppressor! It's only taken about 2 1/2 years. The ATF only took 4 months and 12 days, pretty quick. Can't wait to go shooting. It's a Master Piece Arms Sentinel that I won on a Facebook contest. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    So what Gun Related stuff did you buy this week?

    I won a used TC Hawken on Gunbroker last night. Mailing the funds out tomorrow. Can't wait to shoot it, has been 20 + years since I've had a sidelock. A picture from the auction.
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    Glock 42

    Picked up a Glock 42 the other week. I've never been a big .380 fan but this pistol is changing my mind. Shoots great, handles great plus it's a Glock. The blue label price of $319 is awesome as well. My wife shot it though and it probably cost me the pistol. First 12 rounds was the size of...
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    Ruger 22/45 Lite

    Hey guys! Been awhile since I was on the forums. Just bought me a birthday present, a Ruger 22/45 Lite. It's my second 22/45, great pistols. I won a suppressor awhile back in a Facebook contest. ATF is finishing up my paperwork so I needed something to put it on. Plan on putting a Burris...
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    Savoy Leather Holster

    My loving wife ordered a Savoy Leather SAVOY LEATHER | Handcrafted Leather Goods holster for me on our anniversary. It came in today and I couldn't be happier! Great quality and it looks beautiful. The Ruger SR1911 looks pretty sharp in it if I do say so myself :D
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    Ruger 22/45

    I bought a Ruger 22/45 a couple of years ago. I am a big fan of this pistol. It will shoot much better than I can and a blast on the range. My biggest gripe is the magazine disconnect and the hard magazine release. Santa brought me the fix for both this year. A Tandemkross magazine...
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    Blind Squirrel

    Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then :D Lady at Walmart was hiding them behind the counter for someone. When I told her I haven't bought .22lr in so long she felt guilty and pulled them out and asked if I wanted them. She said she would get in trouble if her boss saw...
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    Yankee Hill 6.8SPC Upper

    This is a brand new, stripped Yankee Hill Machine flat top upper. It is marked as 6.8SPC. Forged from 7075 aluminum that has been T6 heat treated and hard coat anodized (Mil-A-8625A). The A3 features a flattop design with an integral Picatinny-style rail and no sights with M4-style feed ramps...
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    VZ Grips from Santa

    Santa stopped by the house the other night. Guess I must be doing something right as he dropped of a pair of VZ Grips Elite Tactical Frag grips for my Ruger SR1911 commander. :D These are the carbon fiber finish. He also included the Turbo blackout screws which really look good. These feel...
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    A Christmas Letter

    Just finished watching the video to an amazing story. I don't care how dry eyed you usually are, you will clean the dust out of your sockets with this story.... Brenda Schmitz's Christmas Wish - YouTube
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    Long Week

    Have not been around for a week or so. Was in the academy for General Instructor school. Have been asking for this school for a very long time and was finally able to go. Glad to announce that I graduated :D Time to catch up on the forum and go shoot some at the range :D
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    $50 Lowers

    Just noticed that PSA has Anderson Lowers for $50 :shakehead: Anderson Lower Receiver w/ Integral Trigger Guard That is a heck of a deal.
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    Buck Down

    Went back to where I'm from & went hunting with Dad today. This afternoon Dad and I went to the eastern part of the county to hunt a small farm. When we got there Dad started to speak with the landowner as I looked around. The landowner said he had not seen a deer on two weeks. I then...
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    Was finally able to get out last night for a deer hunt. A good friend let me come down to his place for a doe hunt. With the gout I needed an easy place to hunt and this fit the bill. Setup in some hay bales to watch a field edge. A yearling doe & two button bucks came out and gave a...
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    Started my deer vacation in Sunday, two weeks off :D ( that was the good news). Last day of work I could barley walk, so went to the Dr first thing Sunday. Seems I have gout in my left foot (that's the bad news, Duh :D ) No fun at all! Hoping to actually hunt tomorrow evening, fingers...